The return of a legendary brand

After World War II Ferdinando Innocenti, owner of a steel processing company in Milan, Italy, developed a new product to create a vehicle for the starting mass mobility. These scooters, inspired by the Cushman Scooter used by the US Army, were named “Lambretta” after the part of the town in that they were produced: Lambrate. In the time of the post-war era until the beginning of the 1960s the company sold around 4 million vehicles and became a world-wide known synonym for dynamic riding, always a little more stylish and more individual than its competitors.

Now this iconic Italian brand is back and presents its E-Bike-range. With a useful City-Bike with an easy-boarding-frame, comfortable Trekking-Bikes with three different frame types and a dynamic Mountain-Bike Lambretta covers all segments demanded by the customers.

As a tribute to the hometown, Milan, all bicycles have been named after districts of Milan.

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Lambretta E-Bikes

Lambretta Comasina
Lambretta taliedo
Lambretta stadera
Lambretta brera
Lambretta barona
Lambretta assiano